Diabetes Education

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Our Mission

To promote knowledge and awareness about diabetes and its prevention in the general community.Columbia Medical Associates strives to empower our patients and their families with the knowledge and skills for successful diabetes management. Our AADE certified program emphasizes customized care plans, teaching individuals to manage their diabetes and permits each person to make specific, personalized adjustments to their daily diet, exercise, medication and blood sugar testing routines. Our goal is to help improve health and quality of life of individuals living with diabetes.

Our Diabetes Care Team provides diabetes self-management training for patients who are newly diagnosed or have had diabetes for years. Whether they need updated skills education, are poorly controlled, have gestational diabetes, are considering an insulin pump or a continuous glucose sensor.  Classes are taught by a Diabetes Nurse Educator and Registered Dietitian, with the goal of providing the skills needed for successful diabetes management.

Diabetes Program  

Our educators offer group and individual appointments, with individualized treatment plans made after assessing educational needs.  Treatment plan and education can vary from understanding diabetes, lifestyle interventions, best use of medications, including insulin, and self testing.  Barriers to proper self-care are assessed including perceptions, social and socio economic.   We work as part of a team and referrals can be made to behavioral health, wound care, podiatry, ophthalmology based on diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

We offer individual medical nutrition therapy through our registered dietitian for those with diabetes or for other nutrition related issues. Our registered dietitian is also able to assist in insulin pump and individual blood glucose sensor training.  Some individuals may qualify for professional continuous glucose monitoring, which includes the patient wearing a sensor device for three to six days while blood sugars are measured every three minutes.  The device is downloaded and interpreted by one of our endocrinology providers, helping to provide you and your healthcare provider valuable information about your blood sugar pattern.

Our Goals

  • To support informed decision making, effective self-care behaviors, problem solving skills and collaboration within the health care team.
  • Improving clinical care, outcomes and enhance the quality of life for all patients with diabetes through professional training and education programs.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our Certified Diabetes Educators or Registered Dietitians, please ask your healthcare provider for a referral or call Columbia Medical Associates Diabetes Care Team at (509)688-6700. We encourage you to check with your insurance company for benefit coverage to see our educators and dietitian as they can vary depending on your insurance plan.